We grow a wide array of naturally grown vegetables in season, pastured chicken, vine-ripened tomatoes May through October, many types of leaf lettuces and gourmet salad greens October through June and free range eggs all year.
Au Naturel Farm's growing areas have been managed chemical free since 1989.  It was one of the first farms certified organic by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in 1991.  Paul and Alison Wiediger both have over 35 years experience growing without using chemicals.  Although we are not USDA certified organic, we will continue to grow the way we always have. We LOVE what we do - grow top quality food for your table.
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Au Naturel Farm
Providing vegetables grown using the most natural methods, pastured broilers and eggs, cut flowers herbs and potted perennials to discriminating customers.
We are located just south of Mammoth Cave National park, in beautiful South Central Kentucky.  The farm is 84 acres of rolling land, mostly in woods and pasture. We have about 2 acres of vegetable growing area, some of it in contoured beds around the hillsides.  We produce lettuce, spinach, mesclun, kales, mustards and other gourmet salad fixins' in unheated "high tunnels" throughout the winter months.  In those same tunnels, we grow early tomatoes, typically bringing them to market by the end of May - a full 4 weeks ahead of field ripening.  You have to taste them to believe them - a great tomato taste!!
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                       Paul and Alison Wiediger
                       Au Naturel Farm
                       3298 Fairview Church Road
                       Smiths Grove, KY 42171
This picture was taken on December 27th  in a High Tunnel - no external heat - only the sun!
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