Au Naturel Farm Bakery
                 whole grain and artisanal breads
The bakery - front door
Lots of tables and a mill to grind the grains fresh for each baking
Essential Equipment
Ingredients weighed and ready
The Breads
Baguettes - certified organic white flour, water, salt, yeast
"Au Naturel Seeduction" - certified chemical free wheat (stone ground fresh before baking), water, seedmix, gluten, salt, yeast
Boules - certified organic white flour, water, salt, yeast
Available on Saturdays,  April through October,  at SKY Farmers Market. From November through March,  we will deliver to your door in Bowling Green, KY, through our email ordering.  If you are not in Bowling Green, it can be available at the farm by appointment.

To get on our email list for produce and breads, just send a request to our email address :