Au Naturel Farm

These are crops growing in our unheated high tunnels.  The pictures were taken December 1999.  This tunnel was built in October, planted the first of November, and we were selling produce the first of December. We are available for workshops and/or as speakers about this type of low cost/high profit growing.
Red leaf and Romaine lettuce
Another view showing mesclun at side of tunnel
Green leaf lettuces and spinach
Mixed lettuces for mesclun
Baby greens (mizuna,red kale,arugula for mesclun)
Tat Soi heads ready to harvest
These crops are harvested from October through April and sold direct to subscription customers.  The cost of a 20x96 structure runs between $2000 and $2500 and the only continuing cost is electricity for a small inflation fan and replacing plastic every 4 years.
Harvest ready lettuce and new transplants,
Our Murray Greys
Spring Pictures
Book on how to
grow using these methods
Pictures of crops freezing and recovering