Photo Gallery of Our Herd
This is Daybreak, our herd sire for 1999-2000, and that's me, 'scritchin' an itchy spot.
Back to Murray Greys
Think they know what's getting ready to happen ?
Just through the gate, settling down to grazing.
Look at that lineup !  Not wasting a mouthful!
Two of our best cows, making that rye live hard!
This is Tina.  Isn't she beautiful ?
Amanda, and look at how completely she is grazing the rye.  She gets it all before moving forward.
Except for the picture of Daybreak, these pictures were taken in late February when we turned the herd into our cover crop cereal rye.  Some of  the pictures are a real testament to rotational grazing and the use the cattle make of the forage.  All are a real testament to the Murray Grey breed.  These cattle are totally grass and hay fed.  NO grain, and coming off a drought year. Love those Murray Greys!
These are our bad boys.  We left them behind, and they "popped" the gate open. What's good for the girls is good for the boys!
Photos of 2000 calves
Photos of 2001 calves
If you linked here from another site, enjoy the photos, but we no longer raise grass finished beef for sale.