Our Murray Greys

In the fall of 1997, we were having a serious discussion about just what breed of cattle we wanted for our organic, grass finished operation.  We had several criteria : medium framed, good grazers, good mothers, able to take our hot summers, good natured and, preferably, polled.  In one of our magazines, there was an ad for the Ohio State Fair featuring Murray Greys.  What was striking was that the breed seemed to encompass all that we had set down as our criteria. 

Over the next several months, we did research, mostly via the internet, on this breed we'd never heard of.  Several breeders had sites, so we could actually look at pictures of some representative animals.  We were a little put off by their color (we both really liked red cattle), but decided we liked them enough to go look at some in person.  We contacted a breeder via email, and in June, 1998, made a flying  450 mile trip (via pickup) to look at a herd.  Talk about love at first sight !  Cows that would let us, total strangers,  come right up to them and 'scritch' their backs - these were our kind of cows.  So we bought two cows, each with a heifer calf and were on our way.  We have since bought 2 more cows and a bull which will service our MG cows and our original commercial ones. 

We manage our cattle by rotationally grazing them on the 65 acres or so of permanent pasture on our hilly farm.  That means we move them on a regular basis - every few days - to fresh, un-trampled, clean pasture.  They are so eager to move - it's a pleasure to watch them enjoying the fresh food.  The rest of their diet consists of hay we cut and bale ourselves, salt, fresh water, and kelp for trace minerals.

We are so happy with our girls.  They are easy keeping, easy going, and a delight to both look at and be around. Take a look at our girls - we think you'll love them too!

Murray Grey Assoc.
Our High Tunnels
Grazing cereal rye covercrop in late February.
If you linked here from another site, enjoy the photos, but we no longer raise grass finished beef for sale.