Pastured Chicken at Au Naturel Farm
So, what makes it "pastured chicken"?
We start with day old chicks in a brooder.   It's important for the first few weeks - until they grow feathers - to keep them warm and out of drafts -  just like a mother hen would.
Then, at about 3-4 weeks, depending on weather, we put them out on pasture where they can live like chickens, enjoying  sunshine and warm breezes, and eating bugs, worms and grass to supplement their grain diet.
It's a lot of work!  They get fed and watered twice every day, and their shelter, which protects them from rain and predators, is moved to fresh green grass once or twice a day for 5 weeks.  We think the green grass makes a huge difference in the taste of the chicken we raise.
And, you may wonder why you can only get our fresh chicken in  the summer.  Well, it's just not pastured chicken if it isn't raised on pasture, and pastures in our state are only green from about Mid-March to late October.  So, if you want pastured chicken in the winter, we encourage you to buy a few extras in the summer and freeze them.